Our Mission

We strive to grow our business with honesty and integrity.

Orange Graphix is dedicated to the highest quality custom apparel using simplicity, consistency and inspiring designs to support our customers. 

We work with all walks of life from individuals to big businesses and pride ourselves on offering a superior customer experience. 


Orange Graphix is locally owned and operated by Amber (professional multitasker) and Jason (professional behind the scenes guy) in Orange, MA. 


Founded in 2016, Orange Graphix got its start as an idea (in early 2014) when the Robidoux's moved to the area and Amber (half-joking) stated she wanted to run a custom apparel shop. Jason, having been down Amber's "crazy idea" path a time or two, pointed out that there was already a shop in the area and the community probably didn't need another. She agreed and the idea was quickly put on ice.


Then in 2016, that local store closed it's doors and the timing could not have been better.  One thing led to another and before they knew it they were creating and setting up shop in their new town. Orange Graphix was set in motion.


Amber has been designing logos, creating content and teaching marketing classes since 2011. As a former massage therapist and commission painter, she carries over what she has learned in the service industry and meets customers where they are, in any stage of the idea process.


When she's not building the OG Empire, Amber can be found running Spartan Races, harrassing her husband (sometimes with Spartan Races), chasing her children or dealing with husky shenanigans (which happens to be a regular thing). Otherwise, she's exploring new things and seeing what else she can get into. 

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